Doug Martin Scholarship
Doug Martin Scholarship (1 - $500 Award, 1 boy or 1 girl)
Douglas K Martin, Born in 1939 in Jackson Michigan. Doug was raised on various farms and was not allowed to play any sports in school because there was work to be done on the farm. When he was old enough to be on his own he moved to Ann Arbor and got a job at University of Michigan Hospital as an orderly, while living in Ann Arbor he started boxing which was probably his first sport he played. He later joined the US Air Force and continued to do some boxing in his spare time until he left the Air Force and came back to Jackson Michigan. Around 1964 he was introduced to Golf by some fellow co-workers/friends, his first thought was how hard could it be to hit a little white ball around a cow pasture? He was quickly humbled and became bound determined to learn and succeed at the game by taking some lessons and self teaching by studying professional golfers on TV. Doug became a pretty good golfer winning several tournaments around Jackson. Doug seemed to have a natural athletic ability, he was a good bowler, pool player and even good at playing basket ball with his children and neighbors, Doug had a passion for Golf, he loved to teach anyone that wanted to learn the game or improve their game, he taught at the YMCA back in the 70's. Doug also help kids at a youth league in the 80's. Doug never wanted to accept any money because he never wanted to lose his amateur status so he could continue to play in the local tournaments. Doug liked the challenge of playing in tournaments and played at the level of his game, not his age.

A few of his more recent accomplishments:
Runner up- 1998, 1999 Joseph Fiero senior Tourney Championship Flight
Champion- 2001 Michigan Recreation & Park Association Men's Golf State Tournament
Medalist- 2002 Joseph Fiero Senior Tourney 50-59 year bracket. he was 62 years of age
Champion- 2002 Joseph Fiero Senior Tourney 50-59 year bracket Championship Flight
Champion- 2004 Joseph Fiero Senior Tourney 50-59 year bracket Championship Flight. His age was 64
  1. Must be in final year of eligibility in R.W. Mercer Jackson Junior Golf Tour.
  2. Boys and girls eligible.
  3. GPA of 2.5 or higher
  4. Must play in minimum of 3 events.
  5. Must be going on to college.
  6. ESSAY: (75 words or less) Why you want this scholarship, and something about yourself.

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